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Who We Are

Providing business customers with telecom solutions, since 2001.  Synergy Telecom has the ability to work with businesses, on a global scale.  Our portfolio includes over 60 carriers, nationwide and internationally, so there are no geographical limitations. 


Synergy Telecom Solutions was created to provide businesses with multiple telecom solutions, using an unbiased, no hassle approach to the decision making process. The end result is a one stop shop focused on saving our customers, time, money and the headaches of keeping up with an ever changing telecom arena. 


Synergy Telecom Solutions provides businesses with access to multiple phone and internet solutions. Rather than going directly to each individual carrier, Synergy will custom fit your telecom solutions, without having to deal with multiple presentations or direct sales representatives.  The business relationship that is developed with our customers is ongoing, and continues past the initial installation.  We are paid on a residual basis from the carriers, and as such, we have a financial interest to make sure that you are happy with your service provider.  We help maintain your account, as well as initiate trouble resolution, billing inquiries, contract renewal, moves, additions and other changes you might need from your service provider.  


Synergy Telecom Solutions provides businesses the following services:


  • Voice and Data Services:  Direct Internet Access, PRI, converged voice & data, MPLS, SIP, Wireless Internet, Analog lines, fiber connectivity, cable phone and internet
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Internet Redundancy
  • Data Backup Services
  • SD-WAN
  • MPLS
  • Datacenter Applications
  • Unified Communications
  • Cloud Services
  • Hosted PBX Solutions
  • Mobile Voice and Data
  • Conference Calling and Webinar Services

Rather than going directly to each individual carrier, Synergy will custom fit your telecom solutions, saving you the time and headaches of having to research on your own.

VoIP - Hosted PBX

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has changed the way many businesses communicate, and continues to be a buzz word in the telecom world.  Many businesses want a uniform method to communicate with their multiple office sites. Creating a virtual office presence is key in today's economy and allows for an extremely efficient way to conduct business.  Synergy Telecom has the experience and background to help you set up your VoIP network, and cut through the chaos of having to deal with multiple carriers.  Equipment costs are significantly lowered and in some cases, free VoIP phones are included in service plans.  If you are interested in what VoIP can do for your business, please give us a call.  

Cloud Solutions


With increased access to bandwidth, businesses are quickly transitioning away from in-house based networking applications. Cloud services are very attractive for the following reasons:

· Fixed cost structure: Gone are the days of replacing servers and updating software. 

· Secure access to data: Servers are housed in large datacenters. They deploy the latest versions of firewall and monitoring services.

· Mobile access to data: As businesses turn to a more mobile workforce, data on demand, anywhere, anytime, has become an important part of day to day operations.

· Continuity and Redundancy: Should a disaster strike your place of business, cloud services offers a business the opportunity to continue operations. 

· Compliancy Regulations: Every year, there are more regulations to meet compliancy protocol. Cloud services helps to make this far easier to manage. 

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Core Competencies


  • Significant Time Saving:  During the discovery and interview process, you don’t have to meet with three separate sales reps from different carriers.  You meet with Synergy and we deal directly with the various carriers.
  • Competitive Pricing:  We are able to bring to the table the lowest possible price from each carrier and do not have to deal with reductions to commissions, as is the case with most direct sales reps.  Carriers pay us on a residual basis and our primary objective is to get you the best possible pricing, and make sure that you experience, best in class, customer support.  The carriers rely on us to bring them more business, and if Synergy Telecom is not highly satisfied with their support and services, we will take our customers to other carriers who can meet our expectations. 
  • Ongoing relationship:  Most telecom sales reps have monthly quotas to hit and as soon as a customer is sold, it is their job to move on to the next opportunity.  This is not the environment in which we conduct our business and feel that once you are a customer, you will always be a customer.  
  • Local knowledge:  We have the experience and knowledge to help coordinate and suggest equipment changes and network upgrades that are needed to keep you up to date with current technology.  Synergy Telecom has developed relationships with the best vendors for phone, computer and office equipment throughout California.
  • Keep your Dollars Local:  Statistics suggest that doing business within your community, allows you to retain over 300% more of your dollar, invested in the local community. 
  • No New Sales Reps:  The telecom industry is a very competitive market.  Sales reps churn on average, once per year.  You may have developed a great working experience with your original rep, but if they leave, it can sometimes cause some pain. Synergy Telecom schedules bi-annual follow ups to ensure customer satisfaction is being upheld.

Customer Testimonials

Edwin Romero, Director of Information Technology & Business Integration:

Kam-Way Transportation Inc.

Kam-Way Transportation has been working with David for as many years as I have been with the company, and we have had many positive outcomes from our continued relationship. David works tirelessly to get the best deals with a multitude of carriers and providers, with a keen eye for finding the best deals and packages that fit the varied needs of our business. We highly recommend giving him a call before looking for new services on your own, you may be surprised at how quickly he finds a solution for you! 

Heather Moyer, President/CEO

HNM Systems, Inc.

Deploying the proper infrastructure is essential to the success of any rapidly growing business. Synergy Telecom Solutions served as our strategic partner during our recent infrastructure upgrade. Synergy conducted a thorough needs analysis, recommended just a few 'best fit' suppliers and lead our implementation process to ensure we had made the proper selection. Partnering with Synergy saved us time, installation and maintenance costs.  We highly recommend Synergy for your phone and internet needs

Patty Craven, Director of Membership & Information Technology

Girl Scouts of Central California South

David Burcham with Synergy Telecom Solutions helped me save over $35,000 per year on my telecommunications solutions at Girl Scouts of Central California South. Together we tripled the bandwidth, updated the phone system, and lowered our monthly cost for both voice and data. David made the entire process easy and coordinated the project from start to finish. His attention to detail and follow-up ensured nothing would be missed and the entire process went smoothly. I would recommend Synergy Telecom Solutions for anyone who would like to find the best option for his or her company.

Kris Davisson, Vice President

Financial Credit Network

In an era where the dollar wins, Synergy’s processes are refreshing. David asked me about my business and didn’t try to upsell me on products and services I didn’t need. Synergy is concerned about service and satisfaction and has been an essential partner in the process of bidding for new phone service. They helped get me the best deal possible! 

Bryan Awbrey, Owner

Signal Communications 

I have known and done business with Dave Burcham for over 7 years, which in the technology world, is a lifetime! He has demonstrated time and again a willingness to always put the customer’s needs first. He is most interested in finding the right solution for the customer, and is willing to think outside of the box to come up with a creative solution. His experience and knowledge in the carrier services field in this market is second to none, an I have no doubt that he can get a firm handle on whatever carrier needs any customer might have. 

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